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ChatList.SU - Сервис Чатов, Чат Для Вас, Ваших Друзей Или Группы. Чаты На Любой Вкус.
Сервис веб-чатов, позволяющий создать чат для своего сайта, друзей, группы или просто найти чат по душе. В чате есть возможность настраивать цвет ника и текста, загружать фотографии, слушать музыку. Имеется огромное количество смайлов и многое другое.

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16.07.2014 01:24
вторую неделю глючит не войти в чат
13.05.2016 16:13
The world has never been a single thing, other than the physical rock part of the planet it.1sflItRe7;s many interlocking things, interacting parts.To save that process, we must only save those with it in their own hearts and minds.
14.05.2016 06:37
I think while the changes are minor, i think it is more geared towards their long term branding stteargy. I can see why they would take the time and the resources to complete these changes now instead of later on down the road.
15.05.2016 09:03
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15.05.2016 16:32
Assonant rhyme is fine. I prefer to use it when my poem doesn't otherwise have a definite rhyme scheme.If I were really extreme about rhyme pattern, I'd be pushing for "one thing I do mainoain&qutt; to replace "one thing's beyond debate." But I'm not so insane as to press for a rhyme at the cost of a better line!Anyway, I'm merely tossing around ideas (I'm not called the "Concept Cruncher" for nothing). The poem is excellent as is.Jeffery Hodges* * *
17.05.2016 10:34
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